Monday, September 20, 2010


Dear friends,

 Monday Sept the 13th has made it 1 month since my son Khasim has been paralyzed. He is very strong and have a very positive attitude. After weeks of phone calls I have a final total which is exactly 21,110 Euro to get Khasim to Martinique to be treated and that's including the Flight back and fort from Dominica to Martinique. 21,110 Euro is $27,608 u.s Dollars. So far we have raise $3122, and are very thankful for all your prayers and donations. My goal is to do everything possible to have my son be able to work again very soon.
 I really want to give god thanks for giving me the strenght to deal with this. But this to shall pass. You know you never think some things will happen to you, but when they do it gives you a hole new outlook on life. You learn to appreciate your kids and friends and family even more. You really understand how fast things can change and how you deal with it makes all the difference.
 Once again thank you and I am thanking you in advance for all your support in this time.

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