Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Listen to our 1st Organizing conference call

Hello everyone, 

We are excited about completing our very first organizing call.  In this call, a small group of my friends worked together to get clear and focused and to brainstorm on how to get my son transported as soon as possible.  We also talked about creating a foundation for other children who face these same circumstances.  Click play below to listen to what we came up with and how you can contribute.

Thank you for all your support, prayers, contributions and blessings,

Peter and Mike

P.S. Please share this with your friends, family on Facebook, Twitter, and through email. You can send them to www.Help4K.com

P.P.S. We want to hear from you. Post a comment and share. There is 3 ways we are asking you to contribute:

1.) Make a financial contribution by clicking donate below

2.) Make an informational contribution and contact us if you know of other resources or other ways you can contribute. Contact Peter at (919) 225-7989 or Mike at (760) 504-9631

3.) Make a prayer contribution for Khasim to receive the care he needs.


  1. hmm I wrote a comment and its not here. whats up? curious. thanks!

  2. some people have responded to my mass appeal. one suggested you take your boy to Cuba, they have the BEST medical facilities in the caribbean. and heres another one:
    I know a bit about Guillame Barre - that it is a TEMPORARY paralysis caused by a virus in the nervous system that causes paralysis of the face. There are many "natural" and affordable ways to assist the body in healing this affliction.

    One is through "NeuroModulation Technique". Dr. Leslie Feinberg (Oregon) has great success treating people "remotely" (over the phone). $175/half hr. session. Most ailments resolve after 6-10 treatments.


    Also there is something called QNRT - www.qnrt.com which my boyfriend Michael is certfied in and one of his qnrt colleagues is a chiropractor located in neighboring island of NEVIS. I copied her info below.

    30K sounds like highway robbery and someone is getting the wool pulled over their eyes. Please send forward this info to your friend for his son. - Eleanor

    Miranda Fellows, DC
    Eden Life Rejuvenation Centre and Carib Wellness
    Nevis, West Indies
    1869 469 2147

  3. hey Bob,

    thanks for this information. Keep it coming brother :)


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