Thursday, August 19, 2010

We Are Asking For Your Help

Hi. My name is Peter Burton. The reason I am writing this blog is because my son needs your help.

Last week my son Khasim was living a typical 15-year-old life, playing sports, hanging out with friends, and getting ready to go back to school, until a serious disease took over his body.

Last Saturday, August 14th he was hanging out with his friends when he started to feel a tingling sensation in his legs. He called his mom to pick him up because it was hard for him to walk. Him and his mom thought that maybe he was playing too hard and that all he needed was some rest. When he woke the next morning he was paralyzed! He was rushed to the hospital and had many test ran on him. The doctors have diagnosed him with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

If you know anything about this disease you know that the patient needs to be treated right away for a speedy recovery. The longer he goes without treatment the longer it takes to recover. You can read more about this disease by clicking the link below.

My son lives with his mom on the beautiful Caribbean island Dominica. He is now lying in a bed in the hospital not being treated because they don’t have the resources that Khasim needs to be treated. He has to be transported by air from the hospital in Dominica to a hospital on the island of Martinique to be treated. This is a very expensive process. Not only do we have to pay to get him to get to Martinique the hospital there won’t start treatment until they have proof of payment.

We need your support to get Khasim the treatment he desperately needs. Every dollar makes a difference. We will receive your gift with gratitude whatever its size. We are accepting donations through PayPal, just click on the donation button below or at any Wachovia bank where there will be an account set up for donations for Khasim Burton. 

I will check in with you guys and update you with Khasim’s progress. Please keep him in your prayers and feel free to leave any comments or information about this matter.

Peace and Blessings,


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P.P.S. We want to hear from you. Post a comment and share. There is 3 ways we are asking you to contribute:

1.) Make a financial contribution by clicking donate below

2.) Make an informational contribution and contact us if you know of other resources or other ways you can contribute. Contact Peter at (919) 225-7989 email: or Mike at (760) 504-9631  email:

3.) Make a prayer contribution for Khasim to receive the care he needs.


  1. How much is needed and how much has been raised?

  2. HI PETER !

    Voila ton histoire m a vraiment touchée et je souhaiterais t aider ton fils et toi.
    Tu sais je suis évangéliste et c'est vrai que Dieu est tout puissant et que ne lui est impossible.
    c'est vrai que financièrement je ne pourrai pas te verser une grande somme d'argent mais je peux solliciter les membres de mon église et en parler au Pasteur; ainsi nous pourrions collecter une certaine somme d'argent pour aider ton fils pour son traitement.

    Rentre en contact avec moi je t'ai envoyé un message sur FACEBOOK.
    Ainsi, nous pourrons discuter et je pourrai avoir plus de détails.

    Que Dieu vous bénisse et vous accompagne dans cette épreuve; Bisous a vous; LOUISE

  3. Hi Hudson,

    so far we have raised about $2,800. We need $27,000 to actually get Khasim moved.

    We have a goal of $75,000 because we are creating a foundation for others who are in this situation and do not have the means or access to be medically transported and treated.


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